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Catching the Spirit Youth Society

Youth Leadership through Outdoor Experience

Who We Are

What is CTS?

Catching the Spirit (CTS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing leadership and social responsibility in youth through environmental awareness and stewardship, outdoor recreation and youth ownership.

The overall goal of the CTS youth program is expressed in three major ways. It is the program’s goal to:

  • Create region-wide opportunities for youth to challenge themselves in leadership, social responsibility and personal development;
  • Provide an opportunity for youth to connect with their community through citizen action, environmental stewardship, public service and community education, and
  • Help support and integrate youth into park and community associated activities and purposes.

Delivered in collaboration with numerous groups and organizations from the Metro Vancouver region, CTS aims to connect youth with their natural environment, community and each other.

Our Mission

To connect every youth in Metro Vancouver with the natural environment and to the Metro Vancouver regional parks system and local communities, in a hands-on way, to provide life changing experiences.



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