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Catching the Spirit Youth Society

Youth Leadership through Outdoor Experience

Youth Council

Urban Mission - Saturday, December 12 from 8 am to noon

Join CTS as we help the Surrey Urban Mission prepare and serve a breakfast to those in need.  Meet the CTS youth council, youth volunteers and staff at the Surrey Urban Mission at 8 AM.  CTS will be delivering both non-perishable food items and winter clothing collected as part of recent CTS youth council events.  

Ready to challenge your winter camping skills!  If you are interested in the Winter Excursion - you should attend this important Winter Excursion information session

Date: Saturday Dec 3, 2015 from 2 to 4:30

Where: CTS office, Picken House, 6825 Cariboo Road, Burnaby BC V3N 4A3

Welcome to Peer Leading is an event for all Peer Leaders, new and experienced!  Join us to learn from your CTS Peers about the rewards and challenges of being a CTS Peer Leader. Hosted by the CTS Youth Council, this fun event will introduce you to Peer Leading - the fun, games and challenges.  Followed by the 3rd annual CTS Iron Chef Cook-Off challenge where teams of experienced and new Peer Leaders will cook a CTS dish using typical (and unique) ingredients and in a typical CTS camp setting.

Ready to get dirty and plant some future seeds!

Winter Fun for Everyone!

Register now to Play! Brought to you by The CTS Youth Council.

Looking to have a early start of your Catching the Spirit season? Or something to kick-off your June?

Here's your chance! Catching the Spirit brings you its first ever AMAZING RACE!
Your friends, your family and yourself are all welcome to join! There will be awesome prizes, challenging outdoor games and a unique trail your team can follow! For ages 12 and up. Each racer is asked to bring a minimum $10 pledge to support youth leadership and environmental stewardship @ CTS!

Open to all youth all the time! Oh ya! We were at Burnaby Lake for the last meeting to set the course. And the fundraising and promotions teams made some great leeway on sponsorship and promo posters! We are just about ready to send the invites out so that we can rally 7 or 8 race teams together! 

We'll need to do more work on game stations, road blocks and invites at this next meeting. Come on out and help plan! Reward will be in volunteer service hours and in participating in one fine event!


You guys will be putting the final touches on games and challenge stations, but the best part - we'll be meeting onsite at Burnaby Lake to start mapping our challenge routes and road block locations! We need youth and would love you to join the team! Volunteer service hours apply! 


LOCATION: Nature House at Burnaby Lake, 4519 Piper Ave, Burnaby - call Nat upon arrival if you can't find us. 604 562 0583

AMAZING RACE! CTS is planning an Amazing Race and could use your help. Meeting #3 left us with some great ideas. It will now be up to us to start putting the pieces into place. The more youth the merrier! Potluck snack-style, tunes, fun! C'mon out to help, and bring a friend too.

CTS Youth Council

Come join us! We are open to all CTS volunteers to join our Youth Council

Mission Statement: To develop and foster leadership and social responsibility amongst our peers through program innovation, community involvement and fun.

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