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Catching the Spirit Youth Society

Youth Leadership through Outdoor Experience

Frequently Asked Questions - For Youth

Here are a list of frequently asked questions.  If these do not answer your question, please contact us by phone at (604) 562-0583 or send us an email with your question and we will do our best to answer it for you and we may even add your question to our list!

1. I’ve never camped before. Will I be safe?

Yes. Safety is our number one concern.  Adult Supervisors will be with you for all CTS activites, day and night, rain or shine. They are well trained in risk management including the maintenance of a safe CTS environment. You can even set up your tent right next to theirs if you'd like.

2. Will we be outside the WHOLE time?

Absolutely! Well, as much as possible anyway. Of course there is opportunity to seek solid shelter in torrential downpours, but I mean torrential, otherwise we put up tarp shelters (unless you are at Capilano River where we have indoor space or Tynehead where a covered picnic area becomes home). Dress appropriately and learn about tarps 'n knots from Peer Leaders and you’ll be fine. CTS is about connecting with nature and most (!) weather she throws our way.

3. Can I just drop-in to a camp or Ranger Program?

No. You must have registered AND received confirmation of your participation, dates included. Register early however and it will be a lot easier to get into your selected programs throughout the summer.

4. Can I come for just the Saturday of the weekend camps?

Sure, but once again just make sure that you have registered for that specific camp and date, letting us know that you will be attending for the day only and why. We would rather have you attend for the whole weekend however, since space is limited and waiting lists grow.

5. If I leave my phone at home, how do I get in touch with someone if I need to?

In our minds, there are only two reasons why you might need a phone during CTS programs: 1) you need to arrange a pick-up, or 2) there is an emergency. Please organize pick-up details, including transit if that's how you'll be getting home, with a parent or guardian BEFORE our programs start. Supervisors will have phones in case of emergency, and will provide you with one if absolutely needed. And if parents need to get in touch with you while at camp, they can always call the emergency contact number provided once your registration is confirmed. 

6. You say you provide food. What will we eat?

Well, that can be up to you. Peer Leaders will be setting menus, keeping them tasty, healthy and allergy free. You can talk to them and provide menu suggestions throughout the weekend for the next time you join us. Yum.

7. What if I don’t have everything on the ‘What to bring’ list?

Not to worry. Supply as much as you can – we will do our best to get you any items that you might not have. We call you the week of your programs to ask if there is anything we can help you with. 

8. How do I register?

Check out our website under ‘Register here’ and register with your parents or guardians following the prompts. You will receive confirmation once we receive all your info letting you know which programs and dates you were successfully registered into. We hope to get you into your selected programs and dates, so get your forms in pronto! If your selections are full we will call you so that you can choose others. We also call you the week of your camp to make sure that you have no question left unanswered and are ready to go.

9. I’d like to be a Peer Leader. Is it too late?

Our Peer Leaders are selected by late April…however we know that you guys 'n gals are busy and might not have your summer plans together that early. All that to say we may still have Peer Leader openings into late June. Call us to find out. And, if you missed the application process this time around, keep in touch for next year’s program. We’d love you to apply.

10. If each weekend is different and we work on different stewardship activities. How do I know what’s going on when so that I can get involved in activities I like?

Every program is different, and every locations is different too. What we do like to keep the same however is what we call 'CTS in 5': leadership, environmental stewardship, jumping into nature, team building and outdoor recreation/free time. The stewardship work is what will change up most often - we work with different volunteer community groups throughout the summer. When we call you to talk about registration details, we can give you project details. But keep in mind that things might change up anytime. Here’s our suggestion: come with an open mind and you’ll leave most satisfied, regardless of what’s on.

The ‘What to bring’ list and our camp overview might answer a few more questions. If you still have questions after reading, simply email or call

See our Frequently Asked Questions for Parents for more information



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