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Catching the Spirit Youth Society

Youth Leadership through Outdoor Experience

Frequently Asked Questions - For Parents

Here are a list of frequently asked questions.  If these do not answer your question, please contact us by phone at (604) 562-0583 or send us an email with your question and we will do our best to answer it for you and we may even add your question to our list!

1. What if I need to get in touch with my child?

If you need to get in touch with your child, please use the emergency contact number provided once your registration is confirmed. This will connect you to the Program Director. Supervisors at your child's program will be contacted immediately – all have cell phones. Please remember that this should only be done in the case of emergency where you absolutely need to get in touch with your child while at CTS programming,

2. Can I come and visit the camp?

We ask that parents don’t visit, unless organized with our Program Coordinator. Fewer visitors to our camps allow us to manage risk better, as it enables us to keep a keener eye out for anyone who might seem ‘out of place’ – in this case, less is more. Although we know that you might be very curious as to how programs unfold, we hope that you can wait until your child returns home and you can hear it first hand.

3. Is my child safe?

Safety is of utmost importance to CTS. CTS adult Supervisors will be present throughout all CTS activities and park staff will be close by as well. CTS has its own Risk Management and Safety Plan in place, and both Supervisors and Peer Leaders will receive extensive training on risk during leadership training. The plan contains everything from hazards that might potentially be involved in each of our activities to emergency action and evacuation plans. Preventive measures are in place however to keep risk at an absolute minimum. 

4. How much does this great experience cost?

Nothing. Thanks to our generous donors and sponsors it doesn’t get better than this!

5. I might forget my child’s program date, especially if I registered as early as May!

Not to worry. It’s our protocol to call the home of each and every participant the week before all registered programs to go over details, answer questions and make sure that you have all emergency contact information. If you registered your child for three camps, we’ll be calling you to remind you about each one.

To potentially answer a few more of your questions, please look at our ‘What to bring’ page and check out our Camp Overview. And if you still have questions, please just email or call

See our Frequently Asked Questions for Youth for more information.



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