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Environmental Stewardship Outside of Camp

Here is a list of things you can do to contribute to environmental conservation:

What You Buy

1.Reduce the amount of things you purchase. Do you really need that new item when your old one works fine?

2.Reuse items when you cannot reduce the amount of things you purchase. For example, you can use yogurt or margarine containers for storing leftovers in your fridge.

3.Recycle things that you cannot reduce or reuse in some way.

4.Purchase items second hand when possible.

5.Bring a reusable bag when you go to the store.

6.Try to not buy one-use plastic water bottles. Bring your own reusable one to fill up.

7. Instead of buying new books or movies, check out your local library.

What You Eat

8.Grow some of your own vegetables, fruits and herbs. This reduces transportation related pollution, and allows you to connect with nature.

9.Eat food from local farmers when possible.

10.Eat organic food when possible.

11.Avoid buying food that is in a lot of packaging (like fast food).

12.Eat less (to no) animal products, including meat and dairy.

13.Keep portions of food in mind. Take what you need, and eat what you take. Compost any leftover food scraps.

What You Do

14.Try to do activities that you can bike or walk to.

15.Take breaks from technology. This will not only save energy, but will make you feel more refreshed and energized.

16.Take shorter showers. This will save water and the energy used to heat the water.

17.Turn electronics and lights off when not in use.

18.Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth!

19.Unplug your chargers from the wall when you're not charging anything.

20.Use Ecosia or Blackle as search engines on your computer! Ecosia uses the profits from searches to plant trees around the globe, while Blackle saves energy from not having a bright background when searching things up.

21.Make sure all of the containers you recycle are clean! If they are not clean, they may end up going into the garbage anyways.

22.When you're at a restaraunt or getting a drink to go, make sure you ask for no plastic straw with your drink!

In Your Community

23.Volunteer for projects that are already happening. For example, this could be at a community garden, or for an organization that does beach clean-ups.

24.Create a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the local recycling center or endangered species organization.

25.Create your own environmental stewardship projects in your community, but make sure you have permission first! This could include pulling invasive species in your local park or planting trees in a nearby forest.



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