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Catching the Spirit Youth Society

Youth Leadership through Outdoor Experience

Duke of Edinburgh Programs

CTS provides the opportunity for youth to achieve their Duke of Ed awards! As an exploration journey. youth will sleep in tents (or cabins at the Capilano location), learn how to cook, develop fire-buliding skills and learn basic wilderness safety. Using our local parks as a catalyst for learning, youth will explore the trails and participate in a stewardship project. 

  • The 3-day camps can be counted as a Bronze Practice or Qualifying Journey, or a Silver.
  • The special 4-day CTS program can be counted as Bronze Practice and Qualifying Journey, Silver Practice or Qualifying Journey.
  • Youth must submit some of their trip research on native plant species for these camps to work as Explorations.
  • Youth can learn more info about the Duke of Ed on our website or by contacting our office at

Peer Leaders and program participants are eligible to use the CTS experience as a means to complete their Duke of Ed requirements. The paperwork fee for the Duke of Ed book is $30. Payment can be delivered by Pay-pal, cash or cheque before processing.


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