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Catching the Spirit Youth Society

Youth Leadership through Outdoor Experience

CTS Board

Adam Heffey, Chair
Nancy Sinclair, Director
Krystyna Niziolek, Director
Travis Clyne, Secretary

Treasurer (vacant)
Vice Chair (vacant)
Fundraising (vacant)

Richard Hankin, Chair Emeritus
Joe Hargitt, Pacific Parklands Foundation
David Leavers, Metro Vancouver Regional Parks
Thomas Edward O’Brien, Founding Director and Past Chair

We are Recruiting New Board Members!

Board Model

The Board of Directors has chosen for the time being to function as a “Working Board”, which means that members are taking on and sharing in the responsibilities for the operations of the organization, including the CtS Program.  In addition to providing the long-term vision and doing the overall planning and policy development, members help in practical ways overseeing the finances, the communications and marketing initiatives, the program coordination and as well help with organizing events. 

Role and Tasks of the CTS Board

  • Ensure funding is in place
  • Develop and approve all program and Society budgets
  • Oversee the financial management of the program
  • Develop the program outline and content
  • Contract and oversee program coordinator
  • Oversee the operational delivery of the program in collaboration with MV Regional Parks
  • Develop and implement communications, marketing and outreach strategies
  • Develop a recruitment and training program (with program coordinator) for program volunteers
  • Contract for Board facilitation, administrative, marketing and communication services on an as required basis. 

Board Meetings

Meetings of the Board of Directors of the CTS are held monthly, usually in Vancouver and on a weeknight from 6:00-8:30 pm.

The Annual General Meeting of the CTS is held once every calendar year and is normally held in February or March. 


The Board has established the following teams to oversee the development of the Society and the operations of the CTS Program:

Teams will meet as required between board meetings


Sorry, there are no events scheduled at this time.

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