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Catching the Spirit Youth Society

Youth Leadership through Outdoor Experience

Welcome to Rafa - CTS New Head Supervisor!

Rafa is our new Head Supervisor at Catching the Spirit Youth Society!


A familiar face for many who have been in the program, Rafa has been a part of CTS since 2009, starting as a participant and slowly finding his way up as our new Head Supervisor! After graduating from the University of Waterloo, he returned to CTS as a Mentorvisor for our 2019 season and reignited his passion for the program. Being a long-time peer leader, he can only hope to provide and create the same space that was available to him when he was enjoying the program. He has a firm belief that everyone can learn something from nature and will continue to share his passion for the outdoors to anyone who is willing to listen.


He hopes to continue the legacy and spirit of the program as it transitions to new administration in the new year! He will later be joined by a Program Coordinator, which we hope to hire in the upcoming months.


Speaking of the program, we know we've been a little quiet in the last few months but that doesn't mean nothing is happening! Lots of work is being done behind the scenes to get things ready for the season with new and exciting changes. And don't think we've forgotten about our Peer Leaders! With things almost falling into place, we will be a lot more active in the next few weeks so stay in tune for more to come!


Sorry, there are no events scheduled at this time.

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