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Catching the Spirit Youth Society

Youth Leadership through Outdoor Experience

Be a Supervisor

So, what's a Supervisor you ask?

The lowdown. Supervisors (we call them Mentorvisors) hold it all together on the ground. Working in teams of 2 and as part of a larger leadership team they provide mentorship and support and coordinate program delivery in real time, but from a little bit behind the scenes - supporting Peer Leaders is what they do best. They supervise and advise, keep morale high and are the adult risk managers on scene. Keeping it simple, they are simply marvellous.  

Age 19 to 30   

Supervisor responsibilities include:

  • Being the responsible adults on scene
  • Mentoring youth leadership 
  • Managing risk & performing first aid as needed (training provided)
  • Creatively supporting delivery of the CTS program
  • Creatively providing program input, sometimes on the fly
  • Organizing meals & food, equipment & camping gear
  • Liaising with our community partner groups
  • Working with Peer Leaders to make sure programming is ready to go
  • Being eager to learn more from Participants and Peer Leaders alike



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