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It is with great pleasure that Catching the Spirit welcomes Robert (Bob) Gunn as the Executive Director.  Bob previously served as Chair of the Catching The Spirit Youth Society for 8 years and was instrumental in the development and delivery of the CTS program during this time. Effectively January 2015, Bob has taken leave from his position as the Program Head / Instructor of the Fish, Wildlife and Recreation program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology to focus on the further development and delivery of the CTS program over the next year or two.    

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What is CTS?

Leadership You'll be challenged to lead your peers.
Environmental Stewardship Together you'll build fences or a community garden, restore ecosystems or work on a public engagement project.
Jump Into Nature It's environmental education, but we like to spin it with a GPS obstacle course, a treasure hunt or something else that's just as fun.
Team Building Whether taking the 'you hold, I'll hammer' approach or leading a blindfolded participant through an obstacle course, it's all about inclusion & amazing teamwork.
Recreation + Leisure From Leave No Trace Camping to a game of capture the flag, it's all in a day's fun at CTS. read more